«Plus One»


The film’s main message is to look up! After all, everything depends on the person: you can stand still and look at the gray puddles underfoot, or you can look up at the sky, which is perfect in any weather! Look up — and life will seem better!

Plus One
Release Date August 21,
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 96 minutes
Production Telesto production company
Screenplay Nana Greenstein,
Oksana Bychkova
Director Oksana Bychkova
Director of Photography Ivan Gudkov
Art Director Olga Khlebnikova
Producers Elena Glikman,
Yaroslav Zhivov
Starring Madlen Dzhabrailova,
Jethro Skinner,
Vladimir Ilyin,
Miroslava Karpovich,
Yevgeny Tsyganov,
Yuri Kolokolnikov,
Pavel Derevyanko,
Miriam Sehon and others.

The story begins in early spring, when Moscow is full of blossoming flowers and smiles and becomes a city of lovers.

Tom Greenwood, a world-famous puppeteer, arrives in Moscow one fine spring day. He is to hold workshops for the best Russian artists and choose the best of them to participate in his new show. In Moscow, Tom meets a translator named Masha. The meeting of two very different but equally lonely people changes their whole lives — it is the meeting of true love, the meeting which everyone hopes for deep down.




A young woman in her thirties. She doesn’t notice anything around her, often forgets to have lunch and dinner, she’s far away — in the world of high literature. But this is customary for her — Masha is a professional translator. In recent years, she’s been living just like that, forsake the outside world and immerse herself in the imagination of one writer to another. Masha is an introvert, a secluded person with little need for constant communication. However, this is far from an indicator of her emotional shallowness — everything she can experience goes on inside, and there is no need for her to express anything into the surrounding world. Two years ago she broke up with her long-term boyfriend, and has been living alone since then, completely turning of her femininity. Masha feel great in her shell; well perhaps not that great, but in any case its calm and steady. Masha has long come to terms with her measured life, until Tom appears in her life. And Masha's life turns into a carnival of bright lights, colours and events. This very different and unusual world is given to Masha by Tom. And together with this world, he gifts her a joyous and free sense of life… And from the category of people who cannot live, Masha transforms into a completely different state — the state of extraordinary happiness from every second.


A grown-up child, an artist and provocateur, a joker and generally a colourful figure. He is a master puppeteer capable of breathing life into any object. Tom seems successful, he has a great career, he’s fully realised himself creatively, he can afford to be just like he wants — and sometimes that’s to be pretty downright crazy. He constantly provokes Masha, as if he’s set out to change her; he constantly puts her in unusual and awkward situations, forces her to open up to the surrounding world, stop being afraid of it, and consequently herself. He is not afraid to be deceived — it’s more important to live easily and happily. From Masha' viewpoint Tom is an absolute eccentric turned fully inside-out, a witty joker beyond politeness and tact. And so Masha is very surprised when she sees a sad, serious and confused Tom… Tom teaches her to live here and now, without thinking about the past. He’s someone capable of find a reason to be happy and have fun in every passing moment.


Tom always exists in two persons — Diggy, his glove puppet, is always nearby and Tom is in constant constant with him, when in fact it is a conversation with himself. Tom argues and bickers with Diggy, listens to his advice and ideas — as one does to his inner voice. Tom is lonely, and Diggy is his only friend and adviser, a real alter ego. Tom hides behind Diggy, exposing his true feelings and desires through the doll’s antiques. It’s always scary to open yourself up, expose your true self. Masha, in turn, teaches Tom not to be afraid of himself. As soon as Tom gets rid of this fear, Diggy becomes obsolete to both Masha and Tom. The moment when the doll is lost is a moment of truth for the characters …

Film on festivals


Open Russian Festival comedy «Smile, Russia!»
Best Actress Award for Madlen Dzhabrailova

Honfluer Russian Film Festival
Best Screenplay Award for Nana Greenstein and Oksana Bychkova
Best Actress Award for Madlen Dzhabrailova
Best Actor Award for Jethro Skinner

Kino-Yalta International Festival of Producer’s Cinema
Big Golden Apple Main Prize
Best Actress award for Madlen Dzhabrailova

Window to Europe Russian Film Festival
Gold Boat Grand prize in the Vyborg Account contest

Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival
Best Actor award for Jethro Skinner

Shanghai International Film Festival

Moscow International Film Festival. Russian program